No links in pdfs saved through the print menu in Safari?

I like very much the possibllity to save text of websites by saving the reading version (safari iOS) through the print option (print->pinch to zoom-> save in DTTG).

Now I found that links in the text aren`t saved. Is there a possibillity to save such links in the document?

The PDF documents are created by Safari, DEVONthink To Go just imports them. It’s unfortunately up to Apple to improve this.

What a pity.

Consider using iCab Mobile rather than Safari. The procedure there involves saving a page to iCab “Downloads” and then exporting from Downloads using DTTG’s “Import to DEVONthink” action. I find iCab more reliably preserves links in the exported PDF than Safari. Don’t use the Print action in iCab for this, though – it is the same iOS action that Safari uses, with the same limitations.