No longer see alert when I delete indexed files

Hello, I indexed 3 files, and decided 5 minutes later that I wanted to delete them in DTPro, but not on the hard drive. When I delete indexed files, I used to see the alert below but I no longer see the alert. The file is simply deleted. The file on the drive seems to remain intact.

Are there settings that should be reset ?

As far as I remember I never checked do not show this message again

thank you very much

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Did you index the files individually or were they in an indexed folder?

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individually. Funny thing I did both. Previously folder, than individually and never saw an alert. thank you

You can reset the alerts by clicking the Preference > General > Alerts: Reset button.

thank you. Is there any way to change the “index file” indicator icon to make it more visible, perhaps with color.

No, this is not possible. The request is noted.

I reset the alerts and still don’t see the delete index alert. I tried with a different file: same thing: don’t see the alert.

Does this persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink?

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yes, it persists

In a nutshell

Problem: when I delete an indexed file, there is no alert notification (delete in DevonThink only or Finder or both)
When I delete the file remains in Finder.

What I tried and does not work

  • Preference > General > Alerts: Reset
  • restart DevonThink
  • reboot my Mac

It’s a problem because I now don’t dare use Indexing. Although the files have remained in Finder up to now, I don’t feel comfortable deleting an indexed file without the Alert

Thank you Jim

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I’m very sorry: I see the alert dialog when I empty the trash. Is it perhaps normal not to see it when I delete an indexed file ie only when I delete the trash ?

I think that’s intended. Because only emptying the trash removes the files really. So before that everything is resersible and doesn’t need an alert. Especially since nothing in your file system changes, as you have already noticed.

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How I understand. thank you very much

Yes that is correct. Just as you see the same behavior in the Finder, there is no warning until you empty the database’s Trash.

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My apologies for taking your time. thank you

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No worries.

I think that is over’complex

The whole idea of the trash is to give users a chance to recover things they deleted by mistake. So if you think it “over’complex” to ask users if they really want to delete things only when they empty the trash, what do you propose? Getting rid of the trash and delete everything immediately?

Trash bins are usually emptied very seldom once a week or once every three, four days: there is no point is asking the user a decision re a file that was trashed some days before! For the busy user, it will be difficult to even remember what that file was all about!

It is obvious that the decision on the action should be done when the action is performed: the question should be asked when the file is sent to Trash.

While this might be your personal workflow, it’s definitely not true for all, maybe not even for most users.