No Mail Plugin for DTPO

I have DTPO 2.11.2 running on Mac OS 10.14.3. I realized the Mail plugin is not working when I tried to bring mail into DTPO and I got the error “Can’t connect to Mail”. I do have the Mail menu option “Message | Add to DEVONthink Pro Office”. I looked in the System Preferences Full Disk Access section for the DEVONthink plugin, but it is not there. How might I go about installing/fixing it? Thanks.

See this…

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately, there was no entry for DTPO in Security and Privacy. I added it manually and all is now good. Thanks!

You are welcome. Cheers!

Same here DTPO 2.11.3 with macos 10.14.4.
Full disk access is gained. No sign of plugin in mail.
Please help…


Welcome @sig0815

Did you follow the instructions I previously linked?

Yes i followed your instructions.


Then please start a Support Ticket.