No quicklook/preview for documents created with Pages 5.5!

Before opening files and find you can hit the spacebar and have a preview of most of the file types.

This always worked well with Pages until the newest version 5.5. Now I can only preview the files created with older versions of Pages.

Every file created with the new version only shows the icon or a very blurred image but not a readable preview of the file itself like before. Even worse, if you change a file with Pages 5.5 you also can’t see a preview any more.

Apple’s telephone hotline was able to reproduce the problem but had no solution.

Any idea for a solution would be very helpful as my DevonThink database also uses the preview feature and opening any file before being able to have a quick look on it is really annoying.

Has anybody experienced this problem and found a solution?

I’m using a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) with OS X Yosemite (10.10), Pages 5.5

Same here. Only a thumbnail is available under Quick Look within DEVONthink. The text of a Pages 5.5 document can, however be read by clicking on the Text Alternative button, which is in the navigation bar immediately above the pane in which the document is displayed.

The same limitation exists in the Finder when the Space bar is pressed to display a Pages 5.5 document in Quick Look. Only a generic thumbnail is presented.

I hope Apple will include a better Quick Look rendering in a future update of Pages 5.5.

#Bill_deVille: Thank you for the hint on the text preview.

Do you have or has anybody else an idea how meanwhile I can select the text preview by default for Pages 5.5 files?

It’s even worse: There’s no preview in DTTG on my iPad/iPhone for Pages 5.5 files.

So I’ll have to get back to Pages 5.2.2 or even Word until this is solved… :frowning:

Solved with Pages 5.5.1! :slight_smile: