No Results Using Scholar (Articles) Preset

Hi - I’m experimenting with DEVONagent Pro for monitoring academic articles and had some good success but from today searches aren’t returning any results when I use the Google Scholar (articles) preset.

I enter the search terms, select the drop down menu, go to the ‘reference’ submenu and select ‘Google Scholar (articles)’ option. Searches are returning nothing and even repeated searches that HAD returned results previously now give me nothing. Any ideas on how to diagnose the problem or fix it?


The next maintenance release will update this plugin. In the meantime just download & unzip the attached plugin and copy it to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugins.

Google Scholar (Articles) (781 Bytes)

Thank you for posting this - I thought I was going crazy
Of note, the failure of Google Scholar also prevented search sets that included it from returning ANY values. (e.g. searching pubmed alone worked)

I cannot, however, find a DEVONAgent folder in Application Support. The only DEVON titled folders on my computer were installed in the Group Containers folder. They are titled with an alphanumericstring.devon-technologies and end in either .agentpro or .sphere. Those folders each have their own library and application support folders, but no PlugIns folder. Do I need to reinstall?

Thanks for any advice -

Just choose the Finder’s Go menu while pressing the Option modifier key to access the Library of your user account, afterwards navigate to the Application Support folder.