No Scanner shown, using ExactScan


I just bought DevonThink pro Office and I hope that someone could help me.

I tried to import a Document using my scanner (Avision AV220D2+). As digital images does not support this scanner I bought ExactScan, too. ExactScan itself works fine and supports my scanner.

But how does my scanner work in DevonThink?

My scanner could not be found within DevonThink using File/Import/from Scanner or Camera.

The documentation says that DevonThink will ask if it should be the default Software to handle scans, but that never appears on my Mac.

Does anyone has a good Idea for me?

Many Greetings from Germany

Which version/edition of ExactScan do you use? Could you please select the ExactScan app in the Finder, choose “Show Package Contents” in the contextual menu and send the Info.plist file to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

Hi Robert,
I have an exactly the same issue with ExactScan Version 2.25.2 (2.25.2) under OSx 10.10.3
The following solution was recommended by tech support:

"ExactScan Pro can send scanner output files to a designated folder in the Finder (which should NOT be the Inbox folder), you can attach a Folder Actions script to that designated folder to automate sending the scanner output files to DEVONthink Pro Office for OCR. How to:

  1. In the Finder, select and Control-click on the folder that is to hold scanner output files. In the contextual menu options choose Services > Folder Actions Setup.
  2. In Folder Actions Setup choose the script named DEVONthink - Import, OCR & Delete.scpt. Close Folder Actions Setup.
    Now, as each new scanner output file is sent to that folder, it will be sent to DEVONthink Pro Office for OCR, and then the original scanner output file will be deleted.
    Your DEVONtechnologies Team,
    Bill DeVille, Customer Support Specialist “”

This solution actually works for everything, but for some reason not delete original files, I will ask tech support to help me resolve this as well.