No search result in EasyFind

We are using EasyFind since a few years and didn’t had any issues with it at all. We like this powerful search tool very much as we can find things on our different shares quite quickly! Since a few weeks we are running into the issue, that there is no Output if we search for something on different machines. Not all are affected and the settings are equal. The App has granted “Full Disk” access. We updated to the latest 5.0.2 Version and use macOS Big Sur or Monterey. It happens mostly on Apple Silicon Macs. The search process seems to work as the indicator counts up, but no output. The files are definitely their if you look them up manually.

Is someone else running into this issue as well and knows how to fix it?

Thank you for every tip.

Which settings & search term do you use and what should be found but isn’t?

I am just searching for a number which is part of the file name. finder does not find it, because it’s not at the beginning of the file name, but EasyFind finds it within seconds. But not on M1 macs. I tried now 3 different M1 macs and it seems to be related to apple silicon chips… doesn’t make sense for me but maybe it helps.

the above screenshot is from a intel mac. the field below the search bar keeps blank on apple silicon chip macs tough.

And the seconds on the M1 Mac are absolutely identical?

yes. exactly. and it doesn’t matter if i mount the shared volumes via afp or smb protocol.

i tried different other search and find apps now and looked into profind as well. as soon as i start a search on a network share macos is asking me if i want to allow network volumes. after that it is working. same behavior like EasyFind if i don’t allow that. strange is, that i gave EasyFind Full Disk access, but maybe this is for the internal drive only and you could easily add the “question” for network volumes to fix this issue.

i guess, there will never be an answer for that. :slight_smile:

EasyFind also fails to find strings within file contents on Apple Silicon.

I hope they resolve it soon, because Finder’s search is also grossly defective in function and design.

Actually EasyFind works fine over here on both Intel and Apple Silicon machines. What kind of files did you try to find?

I wasn’t finding files. I was searching file contents for strings. After noting the failure, I whittled the test down to two text-based files.

I too have been using EasyFind for years and with Monterey it doesn’t find contents of a word within any file. I searched “Active Finder Window” with a folder with 13 items in it and it could not find the word “cladding” in a Word and PDF file where it is mentioned 17 times.

EasyFind has Full Disk Access. I had “Scan all files” selected.

It can find words in file names but not their contents. I’m on an Intel Mac.

EasyFind actually supports only text-based file formats (like sources, scripts, HTML/XML, Markdown, plain text etc.). All other file formats might or might not work even after adding the desired extensions to the settings in the drawer.

Following up on what @cgrunenberg said, Word and PDF are not text-based. Older .doc files were and potentially may be found but .docx definitely won’t.