No services?

Just installed the 2.0pb7 beta of DTPO and cannot find any DT services. I was in Safari, checked Services and nothing showed up. Do I need to install DT’s services separately? If so, how.

Thanks in advance …

Try making a selection and then check services again. There should be some DT Services available then.

Hope this helps.

Two possibilities:

  1. In order for Services to be available, the application must be installed in the Applications folder. If an application has been installed for the first time, the user must logout/login or restart to make them available.

  2. Back in the old days — prior to Snow Leopard — if one clicked on the application name in the menu bar and chose ‘Services’ a list of all the available Services was displayed, by application if application-specific.

Apple has changed the UI for Services in Snow Leopard, perhaps confusingly.

Under Snow Leopard, if you are displaying a page under Safari, click on the application name in the menu bar and choose ‘Services’ you will see ‘No Services apply’ and ‘Services Preferences’. (Some applications, like DEVONagent, may show available Services even if nothing is selected.)

Now select something (text or image) on that page and look again. Odds are you will now see several groups of Services, each prefixed by the icon of the application to which it is related.

If you’ve selected something and Control-click (right click) on it, you will find a Services submenu under contextual menu options and that submenu will display the applicable available Services. Note that the Services options for selected text in TextEdit will differ from those for selected text in a Safari Web page.

Got it. Thanks for the full explanation.