No share sheet for iOS Mail app?

I switched to the Mail app on iOS the other day and was very surprised to discover there’s no share sheet, and apparently not one in iOS 10 either.

Is there anyway to send a single email to DTTG through Mail? Seems to work OK through Airmail.

I may have to go back to Dispatch on iOS.

You might want to give Spark by Readdle a try as well. DTTG seems to do a reasonable job with handling emails from Spark as “Formatted Notes” and “Rich Text”. Spark also can “Save [an email] as PDF”, which can then be clipped to DTTG.

Apple apps on iOS aren’t the friendliest apps (ie. not quick to share).

I recently discovered AltaMail. It’s hard on the eyes, but I use it for one thing - it has a share sheet that can save emails in email format (eml, I believe). They go into DEVONthink just fine, and link properly back to the original mail message in Mail app when I’m on my Mac.

Evank, just a short to say thank you for alerting us to AltaMail. That feature of being able to save the email, as .eml to DTTG, is well worth its price, as this was one feature lacking in and other email clients and hampering my use of the iPad Pro. I’ve found you can modify the way AltaMail looks to make it less garish, though some features – such as three-pane view and hardware keyboard shortcuts – are not yet implemented. But otherwise, it is a great email client. Thank you again.

I tried Spark for awhile and think it’s pretty good. I am, however, trying to avoid another email service that requires me to have a login that allows them to login to my email account. That’s the main reason I switched to using the on iOS and to Postbox on my Mac.

Spark seems to have a pretty good privacy policy and I don’t have any reason to think they don’t take security seriously, but I am trying to reduce down the number of online services I’m using. I like Readdle’s other apps.

I can’t tell if I’m just getting unduly paranoid or careful as I age, or if I’m taking reasonable precautions these days…

AltaMail does look interesting. I’ll give it a shot.