No trial of DevonThink Pro 3 available?

Fired up DevonThink Pro 3 and I’m not getting any ability to start a trial. I think I may have tried DevonThink 2 several years ago but I can’t find much on this laptop that would show it was here or on another Mac.

When I start up the app I get a dialog box asking me to log in. If I quit out of that I get few options to do anything and trying to create a new DB from the support assistant takes me back to the initial dialog box.

Welcome @TiggrToo

A DEVONthink 2 trial wouldn’t relate to DEVONthink 3. Are you sure you didn’t already run a trial of version 3?

Absolutely sure - last I touched DevonThink was pre-pandemic days and with the old interface. It was the old busy UI that put me off back then.

I ended up firing up a VM and gave DT3 a quick try on that instead - liked it enough to purchase :slight_smile:

Nice move and glad to hear it! :slight_smile: