No way to update email address

When I launch DevonThink Pro Office the support assistant screen always opens. I’m fine with that. But in its various versions it always refers to my email address. The only thing is that I stopped using email address it refers to nearly three years ago, and no matter how I edit it or change it, it makes no difference. Every time the application launches there is the old discarded email address again. How can I change it once and for all?

The support assistant is (or should be) using the email address defined as the primary email address in Apple’s AddressBook.

To disable the automatic display of Support Assistant, uncheck this box in the lower left corner of that panel:

Like many Mac apps, DEVONthink uses the first email address listed in the Address Book person card that is associated with the currently logged-in user. In System Preferences > Accounts change the associated card:

Thanks korm!

Old email address deleted from my address book now, and it is finally fixed. So simple!