Non-cloud syncing of databases

My database comprises of a complex folder tree where I usually rearrange files and folders taking advantage of the manual sort. The problem I’ve been facing is that the manual sort is not reflected on my second machine.
I’m aware of the risks of syncing databases in cloud systems, outside of the options provided by DT, and I’ve avoided this all the time. I wonder, however if a closed, non-cloud P2P sync system, like Resilio, could work with DT?

Sorting in item lists isn’t synced between machines.

I wonder, however if a closed, non-cloud P2P sync system, like Resilio, could work with DT?

We have no data on this but I would err on the side of caution and say No.

I just wanted to give it a try to confirm our fears, but with a small ad hoc database.
Placing a DT database in a folder and syncing it with Resilio DOES bring over changes in the manual sort (“Unsorted” folder tree order if you use the ‘split’). Obviously, I had to copy the source indexed folders on both machines. BUT:

  • I had to close the database on the other end and reopen it to see the changes;
  • When I deleted one item, i.e. a webarchive on one Mac, it reappeared on the other machine in its former location within the pane in a folder named “Grouped 1”.
  • Changes in the files - markdown, comments, highlighting, would not be translated onto the source files if they are indexed items.

Of course, one could simutaneously sync the source indexed files via a different or same service (the closed P2P concepts seems quite reliable - I’m using the free version of Resilio). The odd issue with deleted items may be solved that way - untested. But when you contemplate the whole work you need to do to mirror DevonThink’s standard sync solutions, esp. for a large database like the one I have in mind, you may think it twice. And a caveat: I tested it with a small database for only 2hrs.
Bottom line: It doesn’t simplify your life. If you don’t close and reopen the database on the receiving end you won’t get your folder tree updated. Thus, not good for team work. I personally would use Resilio for syncing the source index folders though. As for DT, esp. for large databases, manually copying them over would have the same effect and less margin for errors.

This is definitely not recommended and will corrupt the database sooner or later. Instead a local sync store (see Preferences > Sync) synchronized via Resilio should work.

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I tried your recommendation. It didn’t work. After syncing the dtcloud file over Resilio and importing from it the database on the receiving end the manual sort was gone and got an alphabetical sort.

He was referring to using a local sync store in Resilio, not maintaining the sort which I already said doesn’t sync.

Maybe I’m one of the few valuing the usefulness of syncing the manual sort, but hope you add it as a feature for an update.

It’s on the already long list of possible enhancements.

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