Non-existent outgoing item link after the title?


I am sorry if this is an easy question. I am still a total beginner and therefore learning. I was experimenting with annotations and links (still don’t know how it exactly works), and I’ve created an annotation for two files. While experimenting I deleted the annotations in the “annotations” folder and emptied the trash. However, the documents for which I’ve created these annotations for still display after the title the icon for outgoing item link, followed by a *. However, when I click on the documents and see in the right pane in documents > annotations/links, it does not display any links or annotations.

How do I remove these icons displayed after the title of these documents, which displays the outgoing item link icon followed by a star?

Any help would be appreciated!


It’s recommended to remove annotations via the Annotation & Reminder inspector. One workaround is to add a standard annotation in this inspector, afterwards use it to remove the annotation again.

Thanks! This helped indeed!