noob question: everything got re-grouped

Hi all,

I’m a new DT pro user and and suffered a SUE (stupid user error). I have no doubt that it’s totally my fault but kinda want to know HOW I did it so I don’t do it again. :slight_smile:

I used the trial version to test things out a bit but it has very limited email support (like 250 items or something). So the first thing I did after registering was try and import all my emails (~5,000). The import seemed to go OK. A few things were mis-filed but that’s OK, it was far better than starting from scratch. However, there was still a large chunk of ungrouped emails. So I was trying to use the auto-group to try and break down that large chunk. What ended up happening was that virtually EVERYTHING (emails, all my previously filed non-email items) got filed under a new folder called “GROUPED 2”.

Does anyone that is more familiar with the product have any idea what I might have done wrong? Does it sound familiar? Obviously I don’t know enough about DT just yet to know myself but would like to avoid future mis-steps. i.e. I’d hate to re-sort everything only to have it get re-grouped again.

Thanks in advance!

I suspect you had selected everything, rather than just the documents you wanted to auto group.

If so, select the undesired group result and choose the command to ungroup.

I don’t think I had everything selected (not even sure how I’d do that) but ungrouping the folder made everything disappear! :confused:

The app isn’t giving me a large vote of confidence that I can trust my data here I must say.

Why do you say that? The data is still there. You rearranged it.

When I import Mail mailboxes or Archive email I do not change the organization, especially if I had checked the Preferences > Email option in DEVONthink Pro Office to retain conversation threads. Searches can quickly find what I need, and for some searches I’ll create a smart group. Tip: Use the full Search window (Tools > Search), which includes the Advanced button (additional criteria are available, using the Advanced button). To create a smart grow that has the search criteria and so will automatically update each time it is opened, click on the “+” button to the right of the query field, name it and save it.

Well, perhaps it was there somewhere but the 4,000 entries that were under GROUP 2 weren’t listed under any folder after I ungrouped it. They were just “gone” (at least logically). I was able to get everything back into GROUP 2 with an UNDO of the ungroup. Now manually going thru everything. (only emails at this point) All the other scanned docs were easy enough to identify and re-file.

I still have to check to make sure everything I’ve scanned in is still visible somewhere.