Not able to download files in dttg3, link dimmed

Many (in fact most) files are inaccessible from DTTG most of the time. It is not easy to pinpoint the exact problem. Last time I think that I had thougt that the problem was remedied by a sync, however, I recently discovered that the link to downloading the file gets dimmed as soon as I close the lid and my Mac enters rest.

Hi, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Presumably you are syncing via Bonjour and have shallow sync (long-press on a database, select info and see Download files (on demand vs always) activated?

If I am right, then the behaviour you describe is expected; the records are not downloaded to DTTG until you request them; because they are available on your Mac only, that request can only happen when the Mac is active. Change to always to solve that problem.

Thank you for the input, Blanc.
No I am not syncing via Bonjour. In download, Always is chosen and it is not possible to choose On demand (dimmed).

How are you syncing?

Bonjour off, local network, as recommended by devontech support. My macbook as local network.

If your Mac is shown as “local network” in DTTG then as I understand it you are using Bonjour (i.e. Bonjour is turned on on your Mac); or do you mean “local sync store” (which AFAIK can only be used for Mac-to-Mac sync)?

In DTTG please go to Settings > Sync > Locations > Edit and select Edit for your sync location; here is Download files set to “Always” or “On demand”?