Not authorized to send Apple events to Reminders


I’m using script->reminders-> add as to do to reminders in devonthink3.

When I use this script pop up comes saying “Not authorized to send Apple events to Reminders”.

I check around web as well as this post Not authorized to send apple events to finder?.

I have tried enabling settings->privacy->full disk access->devonthink3

I did the same for in automation tab as well.

I still see this error. Any help would be appreciated.

Theoretically it should be enabled in the security and privacy control panel.
(Mojave shown)

But, there’s no entry for Devonthink, and, no widget to add more apps. That may be because my copy of Devonthink has never asked.

That may be because my copy of Devonthink has never asked.

Actually, if you every ran the Script > Reminders > Add as To Do to Reminders, you would have been asked.

If you denied access, Apple has not given you a way to undo that choice.
In fact, the only option you may find involves a Terminal command and that still will likely not work. (I’ve never gotten it to accept a second choice myself.)

I Used to inform me of what happens when Devonthink is denied access to Reminders
This is the error…

Refusing TCCAccessRequest for service kTCCServiceReminders and client /Applications/DEVONthink[4674] without NSRemindersUsageDescription key

There’s a blog post on it…

and sure enough, when I look in Devonthink.apps Info.plist

the reminders key seems to be missing. (The other keys-- for calendar, microphone, etc, are present)

I think the plist is signed, so I can’t see if this will fix the issue.

I have a similar issue. DT3 asked for permission for Reminders access and I accepted butI got the above mentioned error dialog box. For Calendar everything is working normally. DT3 is in the list of Calendars but not in Reminders of the Privacy tab in System Preferences. I reset the privacy using the terminal command “tccutil reset Reminders” but did not solve the problem

The next release should fix this.

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