Not importing attachments

Hello all,

Once again turn to the ultimate knowledge base and ask you all another question. On quite a few occasions when I am importing mail into DTPO, the attachments do not come across. It is never just one file type either, one time it can be a PDF, next it will be an image or even an APK (for my business). I have tried searching for any little check box that may not be correct or something along those lines, but I am still buggered.
Can anyone please shed some light on why this is being a bit of a pain.

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It would be helpful to have some additional info on your process-what email app are you using and how are you importing your mail (from an applescript in your email application, from the DEVONthink Pro Office plugin, directly using DEVONthink’s import options).

Hi Greg,

I am using apple mail and utilising the plug-in to import

I’ve never seen loss of attachments in Mail messages captured into DEVONthink Pro Office.

However, as the default display of messages uses Apple’s Quick Look, which doesn’t display image or attachments, the attachments are not immediately visible. To make them visible and accessible, click on the Text Alternative button in the navigation bar immediately above the pane in which the message content is displayed.

Note: In Preferences > Email there’s an option to change the default display to rich text, the same display provided by the Text Alternative button.

Hi Bill
Thanks for input mate. I tried that, but the attachment icon is labeled with zero KB. SO it is importing the type and title but the contents are not there.

I’ve never seen that happen.

Does it happen repeatedly on the same message? If you can reproduce that, please take a look at the Log in the Console (Applications > Utilities > for any messages corresponding in time to the attempt, create a Support ticket and include the Console messages.

Unfortunately not mate, it is completely random on message and types of attachments.

Go to DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons… > Application Scripts. That will install these scripts that will be visible at the bottom of the global scripts menu (appears in the right hand of the Apple menu) when Mail is the frontmost application:

Try the “Add attachments to DEVONthink” script on a message selected in mail and see what happens – if the attachment comes across correctly to the Global Inbox.