Not more than a year

Hi there,
Is there a way to manage a search so that it only looks for answers not older then a year ?
Thanks for your help

Welcome @Philippe007

You can use the specific date (added, created, etc.) is This Year

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It’s the DEVONagent sub forum


Haha! Indeed.

@Philippe007 getting results from specific times isn’t simply done as it depends on the search plugins you’re using.

Here is a plugin for Google (Past Year)… (799 Bytes)

Unzip it and drop it into ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugins then launch DEVONagent.
Check Window > Plugins & Scanners for Google (Past Year).

Thanks for your help. It is exactly what I was searching. Furthermore I now have a better idea of what are plugins, where they are and how to use them. Thanks again

You’re welcome :slight_smile: