NOT operator not working?

I have a an example query for the agent of the form:

((Oracle NEAR Database) NEAR (Mavericks OR “OS X” OR “10.9”)) AND !Dallas AND !“Oracle Arena”

the problem is that I get a ton of results that primarily about “Oracle Arena” and “Dallas” (specifically the Dallas Mavericks).

What is wrong with my query?

((Oracle NEAR Database) NEAR ((Mavericks OR “OS X”) OR “10.9”)) AND (!Dallas AND !“Oracle Arena”)

Without having access to my system to try, I’d guess that you need one more set of parenthesis (as above).

Is the Express search enabled or disabled? And which “Search in” options are enabled, e.g. text, title, URL etc?

Express search disabled.

“Search in” checked:

  • Title
  • Text
  • URL
  • Description

“Files” checked:

  • HTML…
  • Atom, RSS…
  • Plain text documents
  • Rich Text documents
  • Microsoft Word Documents

Which plugin or search set and which version of DEVONagent do you use? I just checked this using your search term and the results didn’t contain Dallas or arena.