"Note" annotation destroys words in concordance

I have tested this several times and it has occurred each time, so I think it’s a problem. If I add a Note annotation to a PDF using DT’s built in annotation feature, the next time I open Words (concordance), the words are replaced with meaningless number/letter combinations. I don’t have this problem if I add a Note annotation using Skim. Any ideas?

I never annotate my PDFs in that way, but I did a test and can’t replicate what you found.

I’m running OS X 10.6.4 and DT Pro Office 2.0.3.

Hmm. Is Adobe’s PDF viewer plugin installed on your computer at MacintoshHD/Library/Internet Plugins/?

I checked, and no I don’t have the Adobe plug-in installed. Anything else I can check? And if you don’t annotate that way, how would you annotate your PDF’s? I’d be interested in alternatives. Thanks…

No suggestion except possibly a restart in case you’ve got cobwebs in RAM.

I use searchable rich text notes, as they can be used for all filetypes, can include links, images and formatting (I do drafts in DT that often develop from my notes). Take a look, for example, at Eric’s “Annotation” smart template, which automatically creates 2-way links with the target PDF or other filetype (2-way links don’t appear if the target document includes a URL in its Info panel).

Which version of Mac OS X and which annotation did you use? Could send the document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!