Note vs Think ?

I just joined the forum and currently trying both applications. First I tried DEVONnote and then realised there is DEVONthink.
I was using and still am, the iNotepad, which is very capable application, but very slow, and frequently stalls with a beachball running for 5 minutes or more. I have over 300 notes/categories, and in each category are 1-20 or more articles.
I imported them to Note and then to Think, all imported with no problem, BUT without pictures.
I already email support but thought maybe I’ll get the answer here faster, how to include pictures in importing notes.
I also wanted to know what are the differences between Note and Think ?


Apple Notes only provides a limited capability to import from it. Attachments should be added in an Attachments group, but they are not part of the note. The only other option is to export each note as a PDF, directly from Notes.

DEVONnote is a small subset of DEVONthink’s capabilities. A comparison matrix can be found here: … rison.html

Thank you,

From versions comparison I understand that DEVONthink does import images ?
But when I imported with it, there are no images in any notes.

You are misunderstanding the situation. Apple Notes is a proprietary format and the importing it allows us to do does not include the images in the imported notes. Exporting PDFs from Apple Notes would preserve the appearance, but note you can’t export more than one at a time.

I’m using iNotepad, not Apple Notes.
This is what I’ve imported from.
So, DEVONthink does not import images, regardless of application ?

As can be seen on the comparison matrix, all editions of DEVONthink allow importing images.

Please clarify this comment.

ok, clear, thank you very much!