Note with multiple photos - why only one photo?

I cannot figure out how to be able to create a note on DevonThink To Go that includes multiple photos. I can only take one photo per note and import one photo per note.

That was a feature that I used on Evernote extensively and it seems a very basic thing to be able to do.

Am I doing something wrong or is there no way to create a note on the iPhone with more than one image?

Please be clear about what a “note” is. Unlike Evernote, we support more than one kind.

Any kind of note. I cannot figure out how to add anything to DevonThink to Go with more than one photo at a time.

If I create a new piece of information on the iPhone program I can only see one way to include photos, and that’s by creating a Media note…but that only allows me to take one photo or add one photo from my photo roll.

I would like to be able to, ideally, create a note in DevonThink to Go and take photos directly into the note (without saving to my photo roll).

Alternately, I would like to create a note (any kind of note) and be able to import many photos from my camera roll into the note.

DEVONthink to go doesn’t really have a great workflow for that. See this post from a while ago addressing the same concern:

That work-around does not work for me.

Are there plans to add a feature to create a note with many photos?

This is the one thing that is keeping me from committing fully to DevonThink apps. It seems like such a simple concept and something that should be included in a program like this designed to archive information.

There are no concrete plans for this (and it’s the first request of its kind), but we may consider it for future enhancments.

It’s surprising that this would be the first request of this kind. Such a simple concept to add to your great program.

Not to be pedantic but Technically this would be at least the second request since the OP in the post I linked to is essentially requesting the same functionality requested here.
But, still, that’s only two requests.

Can I make this the third request?

I must admit, I’m pretty surprised only three of us so far wish for the functionality to add more than 1 photo to a note in an easy manner. Ideally, from the Photos app, select multiple photos then send to DTG, but any method would be nice.

I just created a formatted note, then manually added 5 photos and now when I try and view the note, it says “Document too large” (it’s 40Mb with the 5 photos), so the previous workaround doesn’t work for me in this instance.

I tried adding the 5 photos plus a caption to an Apple Note (which works fine), then sending to DTG, but same “Document too large” error when trying to view.

A Formatted Note with embedded images becomes very resource-hungry to display. Using Markdown and linking images would work though.

But I assume you can’t link directly to a photo only on the iOS device?

Just tried creating a note in the Bear notes app, and that can send as a PDF to DTG. Not perfect, but it’s okay for reference for now.

To include multiple images in a markdown document, follow these steps:

  1. bring your images into DEVONThink To Go (or the desktop version). (The image/photo must be added to DEVONThink.
  2. Create a new markdown document
  3. On the desktop, right click. or in DTTG long press to get the prompt to Copy Item Link
  4. In the markdown document use markdown syntax for linking to an image:
  5. Repeat for each image to include in the document.

My example document looks like this:

# testing with images

![alternative text for image 1](x-devonthink-item://3001B50C-AECF-4790-A6AA-323C574E3C7D)

![alternative text for image 2](x-devonthink-item://33D22EB6-6FBC-4D0C-BD0E-5CF5DDBD49F4)

and both images show up in my document.

Seriously, I can’t be the fourth person that requests this. As a students this is what we need.
Also a way to view pictures by swiping. Currently when ever I want to see the next picture I have to close the one I’m looking at then open the next one.


+1 For this request

Personally I think the best place for photos is in a photo app so I would just make a note of the photo name in DevonThink.

Folks, I use Evernote and DT2Go on a daily basis - and migrate more and more from Evernote to DT2Go (a different story).

There is one big difference: Evernote is based on Notes, and those Notes are carrying everything, your photos, docs, etc. - and provides a very nice rich text editor - much better than D2Go (a different story).

In DT2Go I strongly recommend to use Folders to ‚group‘ information (like a Note in Evernote does) - so, create a Group (a folder), put all your Photes there, your Docs, your Weblinks, etc.
Creating a Note (a plain text document) has only very basic functionality on DT2Go (compared to Evernote) - so I use it as less as possible on iOS. My best practice is to collect data on iPad using sending everything to the global inbox and later, in front of my Mac, do all the annotations, tagging, grouping, etc. PDF annotation, by the way, works VERY well on DT2Go - much better than Evernote.

As a Evernote user I‘m really confused about all those different text formats (RTF, RTFD, formatted note) - some call it choice, I call it pain :slight_smile:

Actually, this is slightly incorrect. Evernote notes are HTML based, similar to our Formatted Notes (but ours isn’t proprietary).

We support multiple formats since there isn’t one type of “note”. In fact, many documents aren’t “notes” at all. I write long-form Markdown documents every single day. They are NOT “notes”. Also, we are multi-platform so we have to account for those differences too. Many people use RTF on the Mac, but RTF isn’t mobile-native (or friendly), so they need options too. We have a broader user base than Evernote converts (who are certainly the minority too). :smiley:

to be more specific: I was talking about the iPad version. And this indeed is a different thing compared to the Mac Version of DT. The look & feel and the capabilities of the EN notes editor (formatting tools, checkmarks, insert media, insert tables, insert sketches, record audio, set a reminder, etc.) is ‚better‘ (depends on what is important to you).

I do like DT, no question, and this info may help those who are switching from EN to DT - Notes are a different thing here, you have to use folders to group all those things compared to a EN note.

@Airestocky: Actually what you’re describing about “creating a group in DEVONthink” is not different than what Evernote is doing under the hood. This is what underlies an Evernote note…
evernote.png Just in case you were interested.

PS: Text Editing updates are high on the list of improvements for the next major version of DTTG.