Notes Attached to Clippings Appearing in Spotlight Column

I have been experimenting with the DTPO clippings feature in the browser, and what I find surprising is that the notes feature where I write why I like a particular clipping appears in the Spotlight column not as a part of the clipping (e.g. an article or a pdf file).

I checked to see how Evernote handles this feature: it is a bit more visually appealing since the personal note comes at the top of the entry and then you see the clipped website or article.

I would appreciate comments on how one might go about the notes feature for the clippings in DTPO. It is important for me to have a record of why i like a clipping because later when I look at them, I will be scratching my head, and I will delete them if I do not remember.

They are appear in the Spotlight Comments because that’s exactly what they are.
These can be seen in a column, in the Info Pane (see Tools > Show Info), or in the details of a file (View > Show Details).

Yes, that’s how I saw them–in the Spotlight search column.