Notes disappeared from DTPro but are still in DTTG

Hi, all
Hoping for help with a puzzling experience this morning. I was looking for some pdfs in DT, along with a separate rich text note from the same day. They do not appear in search results and I don’t see them in any database or inbox. I am searching “All Databases” and have all recent databases open.

These databases are all sync’d via iCloud with DTTG.

So it is very strange that when I search this material in DTTG, I DO find it!

On DTTG, the missing stuff is listed as appearing in “Inbox” – not in any database. However, on my Mac, in DT, there is no “Inbox.” There are separate “Inboxes,” each on associated with a database. So it seems there is an Inbox where some files live that isn’t associated with a particular database? But why do I see it only on DTTG? It’s all confusing and rather alarming. (I do have “unify inboxes” checked in the DT preferences.)

I am on the latest versions of DT and DTTG, on a Macbook Air running system 11.3 and an iPhone and iPad running iOS and iPadOS 14.5.



A screen capture of the Global section in the Navigate sidebar of DEVONthink would be helpful.

Also a screen capture of the searches would be too.

Some further attempts reveal that I do indeed have a db called simply INBOX on my Mac DT as well as on the iOS devices. It was simply not showing up in my Mac DT window. I restarted my Macbook and re-opened DT, and there was INBOX again. And now searches find the material again.

I still have no idea why INBOX disappeared (from sidebar and from searches). Can’t supply a screenshot of global navigation as it looked, because it now looks correct.

Don’t know if this is relevant, but on opening I often get the “This database looks like it is being used on another computer” message. It is never the case for another computer. However I do sometimes have DTTG open on iPad at the same time as DT is open on my computer, with the same db open in each. Is this something to be avoided, that might have caused this problem? (I’m afraid I’ve always interpreted “another computer” literally to mean only a DT3 database on another Mac (ie I didn’t “count” DTTG). A mistake?

Thanks, as ever, for the quick reply!


You’re welcome.

Having DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go open simultaneously has no effect on the database’s in other Macs and iOS devices.

Do you see the message every time you launch DEVONthink or e.g., after rebooting?