Notes Export

Once upon a time, long ago, I used a windows application named Scholar’s Aid to do much my masters thesis and dissertation research. There is a single feature of SA that I miss since adopting DTPO as my research database program of choice, and it has to do withe notes exports.

In SA, when a folder’s worth or notes were exported into a single Word or txt file, the various levels of title were exported as, essentially, title styles in the document. So, the main folder title appeared first, followed by the first nested folder’s title, followed by the notes with their individual titles. These titles acted as separators, but also as cues to the structure of the notetaking.

I would love to have this feature in DT, rather than an export of just the text of the individual notes/files I have in a particular folder. I have a cumbersome work around that involves reproducing the title on the note, but all that cut-paste or retyping and font formating, etc. could be done away with by setting the title inline on export.

thanks for the suggestion, one of the next releases will probably include this.

Thanks, Christian!

I would like this feature, too. Has it since been implemented, or is there a canonical script that does the job?

When a folder of text or rtf documents is exported to Word (File > Export > As Word Document…) the note name is a header and the text the subsequent paragraphs. Each note is treated the same (header, text; header, text; etc.). All this is placed into a single document.

Easier to try at home yourself to see if this is what you expect.

Thank you korm.

All that does for me, however, is give the exported document the name of the folder.

Two things I’d like on top of that:

  1. For this to work without exporting an entire folder, so that I may handpick (=manually compile) the rtfs for export. (There’s an easy workaround, of course: just put them all in a new folder and export that.)

  2. For the name of each exported rtf to be inserted in the word doc, ahead of the text contained in that rtf (i.e. as a sort of heading, though it could be just a line of text without further formatting for my purposes).

Any chance to make that happen, especially 2?

NB: I’m not very good at IT-speak; hope this makes sense. But don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications.

Thanks for reading!

You’re doing something wrong perhaps. The feature works exactly as you describe, over here.

Select the documents using command-click to add/remove a document from the selection and you’ll get this result.

This is what happens already.

Sorry about that – I had missed (and thus left unchecked) that little box in the “save as” pop-up window reading “include names of documents”. Now it works like a charm.

Thanks for bearing with me.