Notes made w/ Preview (OCR)

I’ve just switched to Preview for my PDF annotation (It’s much lighter/quicker than using Acrobat X Pro - I don’t think I’ll ever go back), and am glad to see that DT allows me to read the clickable notes I’ve made from within the software.

There is an issue, however, with OCR. Once I bring the notes into DT I convert them to searchable PDFs, and when I do this all the annotations I’ve made with Preview disappear. My solution was going to be to OCR the PDFs before I took notes, but it turns out the Preview notes aren’t searchable.

Any ideas?


Answered here.

A sad day for my workflow… Any idea why OCR’ing a document erases the Preview notes, rather than just leaving them be?

A new image layer is created. As your notes are neither in the image layer or the text layer, they are not included in the OCRed PDF.