Notes mouse button problem and Sorter question

I have never used the scroll wheel button on my Logitech mouse. However, I just got a 3D program the uses it extensively. Butt when I click on it, the yellow DEVONthink Pro note window pops up. That is a feature I didn’t know I had, and while it is nice, I don’t really need it. I need to be able to click that wheel button so I can use it in my 3D program. Right now DEVONthink intercepts the click and I can’t do that.

I can’t find a place to turn that feature off or change the shortcut for opening it. I see nothing in the DEVONthink prefs window. Is there a way to change or remove it?

The Logitech scroll wheel button can be configured to switch spaces. One of the spaces can be the Dashboard. The DEVONthink Jot Widget (the yellow pad you saw) is installed on the Dashboard. You could do several things. First, go to the Dashboard and uninstall the widget. Second, go to Mission Control preferences in System Preferences and turn off “Show Dashboard as a Space”. Third, go to your Logitech settings and turn off the setting that switches spaces. Any of the three should solve the problem. Though none of these involve DEVONthink’s preferences, you might go to the DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons menu and make sure the option to install the widget is not selected – so that the next time you upgrade DEVONthink you don’t see this reoccur.

Thank you korm. You solved one of my two problems. I did have Dashboard as a space turned off, but the keystroke combo to launch Dashboard was still there, and though I had nothing else active on the dashboard (I never use it), the DEVONthink install apparently activated and installed the widget in it and I didn’t know until this button issue developed. So thanks again for your assistance.

If anyone knows how to restart the Sorter after it has disappeared without restarting the computer, or knows why the tab would suddenly disappear so I can prevent it in the future, I’m still hoping for a solution to that mystery as well.