Noteshelf -> Evernote -> DT3: fail

As I’m importing all my Evernote notebooks into DEVONthink, one of them is giving me trouble:

NoteShelf 2 for iPad allows you to handwrite/scribe notes that are automatically synced to Evernote. It creates a graphical file that works great in Evernote (read-only). My Noteshelf notebook in Evernote will not import into DT3.

I’ve tried:

  • File > Import > Import from Evernote… and selected from Evernote Legacy the Noteshelf notebook… hang.
  • File > Import > Files and folders… and select the ENEX output I did from Evernote for Noteshelf notebook… hang.



Anything logged to Windows > Log? What kind of file format does NoteShelf actually use?

It’s been years since I used Evernote, so I can’t test this idea before lobbing it. But, is it possible EXPORT to your computer all the Noteshelf files from Noteshelf and/or Evernote into some sort of recognised format and/or formats, e.g. Noteshelf, PDF, etc. Then without using Evernote, File/Import those files?

Thanks for asking.

Nothing shows up in the Log either during, or after the hang. Tried it again with both import methods I mentioned above. I do have to check/repair the databases that were open before the hang.

Noteshelf appears to store it’s files into Evernote as .jpg files.

Thank you.

Keep It will import it, but DT won’t. Very curious.

JPEG files should be definitely imported. Does it work after exporting an ENEX file and importing it into DEVONthink? If not, could you please send it to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

No, trying to import an ENEX file exported from Evernote also causes DT to hang.

Any chance that you could send us a zipped copy of the ENEX file?

Thank you! The next release will fix the bottleneck slowing down the import in this case a lot.

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