Notetaker mouseless!


after taking some notes with either the note-taker HUD or the sorter I could not help noticing that this is making me “mouse around” quite a lot! A click is needed for topic/header, message/note and then tags. This does concern the “Clip to DTP”-bookmarklet as well. I would have expected to either:

a) use return to go to the next field/move through the fields and save the note

or b) use tab to do the same.

Can we get improvements soon, please?

Regards, Rolf

In the Clip to DTP bookmarklet:

  1. The tab key moves through the title, tags, and comment fields while shift-tab moves back
  2. Holding down the command key at any time will reveal the shortcuts for Note, Bookmark, Webarchive, etc.
  3. Opt-tab will also cycle through Note, Bookmark, Webarchive, etc., enter/return to select and save the item.
  4. The escape key at any time cancels the capture.

In the Take Note… HUD:
It can be done entirely from the keyboard, but it is convoluted to do so. Enter the note title first, then shift-tab to enter the tags field, then shift-tab to enter the note text. For whatever reason, shift-tab no longer works after text has been entered into the note field.

As to the Sorter, I don’t take notes with it so I don’t know how the various keystrokes work.


Thanks for the info. The Notetaker-use probably can be improved…
anyway that already helps a lot.


I’ve been trying to use the Sorter “Take Note” but its quite clumsy not being able to tab (or shift-tab) to the tags section or save without a mouse click. A global note-taking solution would be very useful.