Notification "Show" button does not reveal smart rule contents


I’m seeing the following behavior with notifications triggered through a smart rule:

When clicking the “Show” button on the notification banner, this brings DevonThink to the front. However, it does nothing else, i.e. it doesn’t show the contents of the smart rule that triggered the notification.

In some cases this would be useful. Could you please consider changing the current behavior?

In some cases this would be useful.

In what cases?

triggered through a smart rule

What smart rule? A screen capture could be helpful.

For example, I keep certain items in my database that DevonThink can’t index, such as Mindmanager files. After modifying these files, the smart rule reminds me to add the text contents to a metadata field manually to make them searchable in DT.
It would be practical if, upon clicking the “Show” button on that notification, the smart rule was revealed/selected because I could immediately see which Mindmanager items still need to be updated.

The smart rule checks if there are items modified today in the “input integrations” category, which have not received a tag “searchable integration”. It notifies me, I then transfer the searchable contents and add the tag when done. Then the smart rule stops pestering me… :slight_smile: