now I m frustrated

I was one of the early adopters of DT, but now I m frustrated.
After waiting so long for the final Pro, I cant open more than one db.

*No easily drag and drop from one to the other. The quirky “import and export and import” isnt a simple solution…

*the db window still does not open automatically, when a db is open. Thats confusing and against all GUI rules.

*searching does not find anything when operator is set to words (default!!) or all words: Only when its set to phrase. Maybe I m ignorant but I dont understand the logic of that feature. (I needed a lot of time to find that out…)

*Cloning DTpro files with Chronosync bringup an error.
Are they corrupted now? Do I have to check them again?
*** Error: Bad unicode file/folder name
[2005-09-10 16:00:15 +0200] Occurred while copying to file:
[2005-09-10 16:00:15 +0200] /Volumes/Pedro8.4_1/Archive auf 8.4_1/rep kopien einzeln/Documents/Daten/Dataktuell/DevonThink Ds/Backup/Clippings.dtBaseExported/05:07:22/IT/Apple/HW Mac/Mac Software/Mapping/Omni Graffle/We

*It still has no “undo”!!! =:0(

Why do I need pro?
Thanks for any help, tips, ideas…

I’m a relative noob, but I don’t follow your complaint about “the db window still does not open automatically, when a db is open.” Do you mean when you start the app no db opens with it? If that’s the case, then you simply open the database you want to open with the app and then go to FILE -> Database Properties to set it as default. But maybe that wasn’t your question.

I will say that I have had no problem syncing DT Pro databases across multiple machines using ChronoSync and my iPod. That’s been one of the joys of DT Pro for me.


There are two threads pertaining to this issue. The first one was one I posted when I had the same problem re opening DT and having no db window. Setting a db as default only partially solves the problem, especially with multiple dbs. Here are the threads:

I no longer have any problem with the db windows not activating on startup. I hope these help.


thanks Alexandria,
I´ll check that