Now thats annoying.

I spent an hour going through all the Devon AppleScripts getting rid of what I didn’t need and reorginizing what I wanted to keep into different folders. When I upgraded to the latest release it installed the default set of scripts obliterating my changes.

When I installed and was promted to install add ons I hit the cancel button.


Lou, I don’t look at the automatically installed scripts as you do. I don’t consider them an intrusion or a management problem.

Many users make frequent use of scripts and so they add to DT Pro’s utility. Although there are some that I rarely if ever use, they are available if I need them (and I find myself discovering uses for some of those). They take up negligible storage space.

The reason for reinstalling scripts with updates of DT Pro/Office is to ensure they are available, and to update the collection with new and modified scripts.

If the existing scripts are moved into different folders they will not be updated properly, and may also be duplicated in another location.

Scripts are important for many users of DT Pro/Office, will remain part of the standard installation and will sometimes be updated automatically.

But if you currently don’t use some, my advice would be to ignore them, as they won’t cause problems.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. One more question. Given what you said, does this mean my custom scripts will get wiped out with an update and I should back up my own stuff before installing.


No. DTP doesn’t remove unknown scripts/folders from the Scripts folder.