Now with iCloud Drive's end-to-end encryption, am I on the safe side regarding GDPR/DSGVO?

Now that iCloud (drive) can be switched to end-to-end encryption, is it safe to sync an encrypted database between my Mac and my iPhone, i. e. between Devonthink 3 and DTTG? By ‘safe’ I mean conforming to GDPR/DSGVO. (The database will contain personal data of my clients.)

Thank you!

This new iCloud encryption doesn’t affect the sync which uses its own encryption. In addition, GDPR & DSGVO have various requirements which DEVONthink on its own cannot fulfil. Others are planned for future releases (e.g. protocol of changes).

Okay… thank you!

Additional note: The sync itself fulfills GDPR/DSGVO as it never sends any identifiable information to, e.g., us. DEVONthink does not, however, fulfill the requirements of GODB as it is not revision-safe.