[NSBrowserCell setItem:]: selector not recognized

Getting that warning in Console when attempting to switch between different views (by clicking on what looks like an NSSegmentedControl object for the View):

2004-06-28 21:52:18.540 DEVONthink[1242] *** -[NSBrowserCell setItem:]: selector not recognized

Like when trying to switch from icon view to column view, the button switches to column view, but in the window, the icon view flashes, the error gets logged to standard out, and it stays stuck in icon view.

I’m wondering if your app is set up to rely an any particular fonts I might not have installed? I have pretty much all the standard fonts, as far as the .dfonts are concerned. I also have most of the TrueType fonts that are installed as part of the Internet Explorer package. Only one of those I don’t have is Arial, for which I substituted a PostScript Type 1 version that might have a different internal name.

Or any other ideas?


that’s a known issue of column views in V1.8.1b (and although it looks like a NSSegmentedControl, it’s not such a control as DT has to be 10.2-compatible) and will be fixed in v1.9 (coming next month) which will be a major revision anyway.

Yeah, after posting I noticed that one other thread about switching views.

Okay, so, it’s just with the column view then. Hmm, any way I could get ahold of that beta you mentioned in the other post?

I know I’ve seen that error before, just can’t remember where it’s been.

So, is each column in the column view an NSBrowserCell? Or the whole thing is an NSBrowser, which is made up of NSBrowserCells? Sorry, just curious, learning this stuff myself.

BTW, I can’t believe this app! I’ve been longing for something like this for over a year or more. Believe me, using Find By Content to search stuff in the Finder has gotten old really fast. :slight_smile: I was even considering writing something myself, but this thing looks really cool. Finally I can start to get organized. :slight_smile:


Currently there are no DT PE 1.9 builds available, only DT Pro 1.9 alpha builds. If you’re interested (and backup often and regularly :slight_smile:), I could add you to the list of testers. But DT Pro betas will arrive soon… adding support for tables/forms this week and afterwards only minor/not that important things will be still missing.

Each column is a NSMatrix which contains n rows (and 1 column) of NSBrowserCells. But - the NSBrowser class is probably the worst part of Cocoa at all and maybe that’s the reason why only few applications are using this thing.

Thank you for the compliments :slight_smile: But to be honest - I don’t like DT PE 1.8.1b anymore as both DT PE/Pro 1.9 will be major revisions :smiley:

Hah, lol. yeah, that has nothing to do with fonts…

I’ve seen that selector not recognized problem before with other apps, and I obviously know (now) that it’s from trying to call an unrecognized/undefined method. I work a lot with fonts, so I tend to have that in my “buffer” a lot.