NScocoaErrorDomain 4099 DDTG

Every time I open DTTG, I have a triangle on the cloud and it reports a NScocoaErrorDomain 4099. Sync works OK if I then click the cloud symbol. Why do I keep getting this error? And a follow on query - why doesn’t it just sync. I always have to click the cloud. If it does not have the triangle, it has a dot. Thanks

What sync method do you use?

Cloudkit or Bonjour (with MacBook as Bonjour server so Bonjour not selected in iPad options).

And you get the error with both methods? My guess would be that it’s a CloudKit issue (again).

CloudKit. I get error when MacBook is closed so probably not Bonjour.

In that case, I suppose you should talk to Apple about their cloud offerings. CloudKit has a reputation of not working reliably.

Why does Devonthink and the forum recommned CloudKit so strongly if it is not reliable? Is iCloud Legacy, Dropbox etc. even worse? Confused about best option to use and get a fast, reliable sync. Thanks

I don’t see that recommendation. To the contrary, there is a regular flow of posts regarding NSCocoaErrors related to the unreliability of CloudKit.

Bonjour is seemingly more reliable. And WebDAV in my personal experience definitely is, though I’m running my own WebDAV server locally.

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In addition to @chrillek’s response, yes Apple’s CloudKit is unreliable for some (and those that have issues report here so impossible to tell how many successful users there are as they don’t complain). I’m also unaware that this forum has any strong recommendations about Apples CloudKit or iCloud. That being said, it is reported there are numerous reports in the developer’s forum (other products) with frustration with Apple’s Servers. Whether Apple knows or is doing anything is unknown by us mere mortals.

I use Bonjour very successful, as well as Dropbox. I also use WebDAV with my Synology NAS (local). There are third party WebDAV suppliers, Google tells me. No experience.

Sync only what you need if you need. I keep my Dropbox synching only a few databases that I’m actively working with or want to read.

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You should check out this forum post as well as the In & Out > Sync section of the Help or manual.

Thank you all for your help and advice. I will experiment with methods suggested and work out which is best for my set up.

Thanks Bluefrog for the sync types explained.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Since a few month I sync my global inbox via iCloud with iMac, Macbook, iPhone and iPad without any issues.
All the other databases (8 in total) are synced via Bonjour, iMac is the server.

I decided to do it this way, because
a. Bonjour is so reliable
b. I’m afraid to have eventually similar problems so many users report with iCloud sync if I sync all my databases via iCloud (I empty the global inbox periodically)

Just to mention that my iCloud experience is positiv up to now.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

And that’s part of the difficulty. For some, things seem to work fine. For others, not so much. And sometimes that changes for those people.

That’s also part of why we don’t tell people to stop using it or remove support for it.