Number in Database pane

On the far left side of the DTPO app is a pane with Globals, Open databases, Rcent Databases, Favorites and Smart Groups. Next to the names of the databases is a number in an oval. hat does that number represent?

And is there a preference to not show it?

The preference for “display number of items inside groups” is turned off, but these numbers still show.

Thank you. Any way to turn that off (other than manually going to the context menu)?

Actually, the number in the oval is the number of items in an Inbox. The Global Inbox always shows a number. If you have items in the Inboxes of other databases, you will see a number here.

No, this currently can’t be turned off.

Ah! That makes sense. I knew it couldn’t be unread. Thanks.

Oops, sorry, wrong answer – I was … well, never mind what I was … wrong answer.