Number of documents not shown consistently on iPad and iPhone version of DTTG 3

For the same inbox of the same database synced from the same Mac, the number of documents in the inbox is not shown consistently on the iPad and iPhone versions of DTTG 3. Specifically, within the inbox, there are 9 documents and it is shown correctly on iPhone but shown as 0 (although there are actually 9 documents when navigating into the inbox) on iPad.

  • Are you running DEVONthink To Go 3.1 on the iPad?
  • Is there a triangle on the sync icon in DEVONthink To Go’s bottom toolbar? If so, touch it and tell me what it reports.
  • I am using DTTG 3.1 on the iPad.
  • I just synced the database on DTTG with DT on my Mac through the Bonjour option, and there is no triangle on the sync icon now.

There was once such a triangle on the sync icon though, saying something like database busy.

Please try to long-tap on the database in question and run the Verify & Repair command. Does this fix the issue maybe?

I tried to Verify & Repair the database, but it reported back saying that no problem was found.

In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. It has been reported with this post attached.