Object count in smart folder not working

I’ve searched the board to no avail: while some smart folders show the count of contained objects, one that I created, containing annotations doesn’t.
Any ideas?

In case of slow queries the live count isn’t supported, it’s only displayed after selecting the smart group.

No query. It’s not displayed in the main window, wether the group is selected or not.

A screen capture could be helpful.

As you can see here, the folder “Annotationen” contains 2 files, although no count is shown.
The folder “Replikanten” shows the count of 2, which is the correct number of items it contains.[attachment=0]Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-09 um 10.02.44.jpg[/attachment]

The Replicants smart group is a “fast search”, just listing instances of replicated files.
The Annotations smart group is a “slow search”, searching for files that match a file type and a name search.

Ah, I now understand what you meant with “slow search”. Interestingly, however, the count only shows up after selecting the group in one of the other views, not in the icon-view window …
Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome!

Can we have a smart folder with all items “annotated”? :open_mouth: I mean, for example, PDF with annotations (handwritten notes, highlights and so)? If yes, how?

No, this is currently not possible. Maybe in the future.