Observation and request for share sheet

I have an observation and a request for the share sheet extension.

Observation – The sheet has a big amount of white space between the top portion of selections and the bottom portion of settings. This seems … odd.

Request – Do we have any way to add a note to the object that is being shared? For example, as I capture a document from a Web page, I’d like to add a reminder statement about why I am capturing the file.



Thank you for the very good suggestion. Noted for one of the next feature releases.


I second this feature request. Jotting down why a link has been bookmarked will be extremely helpful—I do so each and every time, with much resistance!—as is writing an inpromptu summary, all possible in DT3 but not yet with DTTG, where most (of my) clipping takes place.

The share sheet field would correspond with the existing Comments field, just accessible while clipping.


Fig 1. Space for comments

Fig. 2. Comments field in Info

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I’d love this! It often takes me quite some time to return to something I capture and I’d welcome more ways to jog my memory.

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