OCR Accuracy - Black & White or Colour?

What settings are people using to maximise OCR accuracy?

I am scanning mainly B&W documents but have heard some people say that scanning even B&W documents in colour can result in additional OCR accuracy as this results in more information in the scan. Unfortunately since this is the internet there seems to be just as many people saying to scan in B&W for more accuracy!

What is the consensus view on this forum?

Also I tend to use 300dpi scans but wonder if there is any point in using higher dpis of 400 or 500?

Based on what IRIS and Abbyy told us colour should be used for optimum results. As to the resolution, 300dpi should be sufficient.

Thanks Annard - makes sense that they would know. I guess one can convert to B&W after the OCR process to optimise the document size.

Hi! May I, as a Scan/OCR-Newbie, ask how accurate an OCR process of a bookpage (a dictionary-page) would be? Approximately? Does it need a lot of checking and correcting?

I have got a Canon pixma MX310 and yet NO OCR Software.

Thanks for any hints, Christian