OCR and Convert to searchable PDF is not working anymore

Today I noticed that documents scanned via ScanSnap s1300i and in DTPO via “Convert to searchable PDF” are not converted in OCR-documents. I used the last update from ScanSnap Manager (6.3 L60) and the last version of DTPO 2.9.8. I have macOS Sierra 10.12.2 installed.
I read some posts here on this forum about this problem but there are just a few and my guess is that more people had find difficulties with the OCR.

I have find a workaround for it via the searchable PDF-converter (Scansnap-software) and via the ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap (also Scansnap-software). With both apps I can make a searchable PDF and import it in DTPO (PDF+Text appears instead of PDF). So its seems the ABBYY Fine reader-engine in DTPO that causes this problem.

When I compare the files I notice that the one which can’t be converted to searchable PDF has in the info “Coderingssoftware: Mac OS X 10.12.2 Quartz”. (Coderingssoftware is dutch for encryption Software).

Please help me with this. I can’t be the only one here having this problem.

See PDFs not coming into DTPO scannable from ScanSnap