OCR and DEVONThink To Go

I am considering switching to DT3 + DTTG from Evernote (which is well…) but I’m curious about OCR. If I capture images in DTTG (say highlights in a book), will DT3 automatically OCR them? Or how does that work? Oh and I’d be running DT3 on a MacBook Pro so it won’t always be on. Would it just pick them up when it syncs and OCR them or what?

Also if this is more a DT3 question, lmk and I’ll post over there.

Welcome @gabe

With smart rules in DEVONthink, it would be possible to process the files into searchable formats after DEVONthink To Go syncs to it.

Here is one example using a specific group in DEVONthink To Go (hence in DEVONthink too, as they sync)

Here is another version that processes the files anywhere in the database, but still limits the matches to files added in the past hour. You should always strive to be more specific than general to avoid false positives and processing files unintentionally.

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This is mine:

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Ok. I used Scanner Pro by Readdle and imported it manually. DANG DT3 did an AMAZING job at OCR on this. I just took the plunge! Glad to have to promo code from Nested Folders!

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: