OCR Apply option missing when creating Smart Rule

I’m trying to replicate the Smart Rule found in the Take Control of DEVONthink 3 book and for whatever reason, I can not find the OCR Apply action below the “Perform the Following Actions” section. I’ll show screenshots here. What am I missing to use this action?

I guess I now figured out my own problem. I bought the Pro license more than a year ago, but somehow the app was showing that I registered with the Standard license code. Now since it’s been in the last five days or so that the device was registered, I can’t yet change over to the Pro license code from the Standard one. I’m not sure what the reasoning for the five day activation lock is, considering I am only upgrading to something I already purchased. I guess I just have to wait a few more days. I don’t eve know what day it was registered, so I’ll have to try again each day.

You can check this by logging into your account on our website (e.g. via Help > Your Account in DEVONthink)