OCR disk space warning


A small issue: yesterday I launched the OCR function on a 83mb, 1333-page PDF and left it to run overnight.

I was a little bit startled to see this error message in the morning, along with multiple macOS messages about my disk space and iCloud space having been reduced to zero.

I had 33gb free on the internal drive when the process started, which was properly reclaimed after I clicked OK. However, the DT error message is IMHO not very informative. Also, the application could check for available disk space as it goes along and interrupt the process more elegantly — or maybe this is completely delegated to the ABBYY engine and out of your control? In that case perhaps they could fix this.


We do check for available disk space before commencing the OCR of a file however the calculation is only an estimate of the required disk space.

The reported error message originates in the ABBYY OCR, unfortunately some of their error messages are not great. I will talk with their support to see if they have any suggestions or further information regarding the error.

Good news. Thanks a lot for your support.

ABBYY support have passed the issue onto their development team however they have asked if you could provide a copy of the PDF file. If the file does not contain any sensitive information could you open a support ticket and mark it for the attention of Alan and we can determine the best way to send the file.

It’s not really sensitive, it’s a Congress hearing from 1943 scanned by Google. I can send you a WeTransfer if you wish.

Thanks that would be great, you can pm the details.