OCR DPI setting is not saved

DT 3.9.1
The PDF resolution setting in the OCR dialog is not saved anymore.


Restarting DT does not resolve the issue.

Thanks for the report. Can you open the Terminal application, copy and paste the line below and press Enter.

defaults write com.devon-technologies.DTOCRHelper OutputDPI -int 300

If you open the DEVONthink OCR preferences, is it showing 300 or “As Original”? If it is showing “As Original”, could you run the line below in terminal:

defaults read com.devon-technologies.DTOCRHelper

What is the value of OutputDPI?

Thanks, the write command worked.

But now I’m curious as of the output of the read command:
DPIPDFToImageConvert = 200;
OutputDPI = 300;

What is the first value?
Should I set that to 300 as well?

I’m curious what hardware you’re running.

macOS Monterey 12.6.4
on MacBook Pro 16’’ (2021), 1Apple M1 Max 10 core, 64 GB memory