OCR: DT Readiris engine against Finereader engine

cemjack asked in 2 other threads a question about the OCR, that i want to quote here and comment a little bit…i don’t want to use the other threads with wrong topics.

I made a few simple test for myself a couple of weeks ago: I found the Finereader engine a lot more reliable than the DT Readiris engine. I only scanned 2-3 pages with different text and in different qualities…but the Finereader engine returned me better resultes in all cases. The DT Readiris Engine starts putting too much stupid “)(/%-_\091” characters in the text as soon as it is not sure how to recognice something. This is really annoying…

But the Finereader engine seems a little bit slower and the output PDFs are bigger. Most likely simple quality settings…

But for my workflow i still scan directly into DT with the Readiris engine…i try to minimize steps in my workflows whenever possible.

I hoped the so often pledged search engine inside DT should straighten the problems that OCR is doing…but that leads me to an other problem…the search engine simply doesn’t work like i expect it to work for my personal workflow (more details see other thread coming soon)

I had the opposite experience: Finereader that came with my scanner was unusable (I don’t know what version, can’t find the disk now, I think my dog ate it), Readiris does OK.