OCR Engine Initialize Error!

I recently updated my iMac. I installed DevonThink Pro Office and ScanManager (for my ScanSnap scanner) on my Mac OS X Lion system. Most things are working fine. As before I installed ABBYY FineReader OCR. I confirm this last by looking at Install Add-ons dialog and see ABBYY line marked as Installed.

Every time I scan a document through my ScanSnap S1500M scanner, when it asks if I have finished or wish to continue and I click finish, I get the error messae OCR Engine Initialize Error! The dialog bears the Icon of ScanSnap manager not DevonThink. I thought OCR was done by DevonThink. I have my preferences set up to scan to a searchable PDF.

My old system was also running Lion but it was an upgrade to Lion, that is the applications and user files stayed in place as the Lion install changed the OS level. My current system has factory installed Lion and I had to install all the applications.

Any ideas?



After thinking about things for a while and then trying some stuff I solved it myself. The flag in my mind is why was ScanManager reporting a failure to initialize the OCR Engine? In addition, the pdf stored in Devon Think had the OCR results stored in them (I could search them) - I failed to mention that in the initial report.

So both ScanManager AND DevonThink was doing OCR but ABBYY was installed only in DevonThink as far as I know. I checked the scan settings and found that the file format I specified for the result of the scan was searchable pdf. So ScanManager has the capability of doing OCR but that feature must not be installed. No problem since DevonThink has ABBYY and I’ve enabled that feature there.

So I turned off the Searchable PDF in ScanManager settings and no error message and the PDF has had OCR done and is searchable.