OCR file rolled back to unsearchable pdf after annotating

I converted a screencast into searchable PDF via OCR with a setting as follows.

But I couldn’t search any Chinese characters in it after adding some highlights and annotations. And the OCR option in the context menu came valid again.

Which version of macOS do you use? Could you send a copy of the document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thank you.

Hi @cgrunenberg, I have just sent you an email attached with the system information and the original PDF, please check.

Hi @cgrunenberg. I meet the same issue as well. The PDF+Text which converted from a chinese language epub file become unsearchable and uncopiable after I added some links and annotations.

This is unfortunately an issue of the PDFKit framework of macOS, the only workaround is currently to use a PDF editor that does not use this framework (e.g. Preview and Skim use it too). I filed already a bug report several months ago but no reaction so far. Maybe additional reports via the feedback assistant would help, especially if you can reproduce the problem with Preview or Skim.

After having updated macOS 10.15.4 (19E266), the problem seems go away so far. However, a related issue still exist. A PDF+Text can not be searched and copied after adding it to the read list without any other action, even if I remove it back, the problem is still the same.

Adding a document to the reading list doesn’t change the contents actually. Could you send me (cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com) a copy of the document before adding it so I can try to reproduce this? Thanks!