OCR files not to be found

I’ve recently upgraded from DTP to DTPO because of the OCR function. This works very good but there is something I don’t understand.

My database is open.
I choose import - Image (with OCR)
The scanning procedure runs (working okay)
When finished the files nowhere to be found EXEPT in the Today folder.

It doesn’t seem to be a “normal” entry that can be moved. All I can do is “remove all instances to trash”. Not something you want to do after just scanning it :frowning:

So I open the folder in finder, copy it to a new location. Then “remove all instances to trash” and add the saved (now searchable) pdf again to DTPO.

What am I missing here / doing wrong?


It goes to the selected group or “root” if no group is selected. I may change this to go to the Inbox in this case instead. You can see “root” if you select no group at all in the 3-pane view.

Annard, thank you for your help. I found the file indeed in the root. Maybe the inbox would indeed be a better choice.