OCR for dummies Q

I have a number of PDF documents in DT3 imported from outside sources that I now want to OCR. However, despite following the detailed instructions in the latest DT3 handbook, nothing happens. Upon clicking Data > OCR > to searchable PDF up pops my Registration info window. Huh?? This is what I get – no OCR possible. Is this a bug or user error where I’m missing something?

Hey - publishing you license information here (or anywhere else) might not be the best of ideas… (edit: I see the last four digits are automatically suppressed, so less of a risk than I initially assumed).

I assume you have licensed the standard, rather than the Pro or Server edition. The standard edition does not offer OCR. You can see which version you have by selecting “About DEVONthink 3” from the menu; in the info window you will find something along the lines of “Registered Standard (or Pro, or Server) edition to yourname”.

Yeah, I kinda figured the Standard version didn’t have OCR capability, but I wish it had been noted in the handbook.

It is - on page 5:

Note: Text in blue color (…) refers to functionality only available in higher editions. You can find a list of the editions and their features online.

Note the text on OCR pp 165-166 is in blue.

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